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ISO 9001 & 14001 Accredited

Environmental Responsibility

Grail values its employees, customers, local community and the environment in which we operate. We are fully committed to minimising the impact we have on the environment and the need for continued environmental efficiency (sustainability)

We integrate our environmental policies into our everyday operations and set ourselves challenging targets to reduce our carbon footprint & waste levels in all areas of the business.

Our ISO 14001 Environmental accreditation ensures we stay committed to our sustainability and environmental goals

As part of our environmental policy Grail have made rapid strides over the past 4 years in our efforts to combat climate change:

As a partner in the Gloucestershire Target 2020 energy saving programme we have replaced all of the warm air heaters in our works with more eco-friendly models and have installed 421 Solar Photovoltaic panels covering most of our factory roofs.

Other environmental work has been noise reduction by installing new air compressors and working toward zero-to-landfill status by segregating all of our general waste, hazardous materials and scrap metals

This work along with installing LED lighting throughout the factory has saved us over a third on our annual electricity costs and reduced our CO2 emissions by 70 tonnes per year. Our energy rating dropped from 65 to 36 (B rating) as a result of this work.

Future projects include battery storage for surplus energy that can be sent back to the main power grid, installation of destratification fans within the factory and nitrogen generators.

Environmental Policy 

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